Noob Software can develop applications for you
We make web applications and multi-platform applications as well as back-end services for your app.
We make stunning user interfaces with beautiful animations
Grab your user's attention with stunning designs
We design great user interfaces from scratch or based on your ideas for the app's appearance.
Utilize animations for a continuous user experience.
Lead developer
Sigurður Jökull email:
About our tech stack
Web applications
For web applications we use PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. We have our own web development framework that allows for rapid development and allows us to develop flexible software without limitations.

We use AJAX, WebSockets and WebRTC.
Multi-platform applications
We offer development of multi-platform apps, for iOS, macOS, Android and the Universal Windows Platform.
Native macOS applications
We offer development of native macOS applications using Objective-C plus our own scripting language called NoobScript and utilizing a hybrid user interface with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.