Noob Software makes applications to make everyday life and work easier.

Noob Cloud Applications
Our cloud applications require running an application called Noob Cloud which powers your Noob cloud applications, which will hopefully in the future feature a wide array of useful different web and desktop applications. By using Noob Cloud we avoid storing and accessing your data, instead you keep track of your own data and can back it up in whatever way you want to.

Web Browser & Browser Addons
Noob browser addons features a few XUL addons for your XUL based web browser.

Noob Entertainment Applications
Our entertainment apps let you enjoy media in a new way, Noob TV lets you create schedules and playlists for enjoying TV shows like telvision intended. Noob Cinema does the same for movies and Noob Player lets you play your TV schedules and movie playlists with tabs.

Noob Utilities
Our utilities feature miscellaneous applications for different purposes not requiring a Noob account.

Noob Developer Solutions
Our developer solutions are mainly for .NET development and PHP/JavaScript web development. Take a peek at our developers page for more information.